How to make a free hosting websiteWhen we hear of Free Hosting we think of a paradox. We all know that sites are tools for promoting a business, or in other cases even business success. Can be a free, if it is so important?
Is this really requires some analysis.

Usually when we hear of something free, we think of something hidden . But to see how things are.
By virtue of competition and inexhaustible resources and appear here as automated forms to achieve a specific site and use temple sites, or applications built several pages, depending on the desired section or profile. And appear very much and even free. But I really do not need to know anything?
Yes. First of all to be a well known usual text editing applications, as well as little knowledge of working with interactive programs, some of the special HTML for viewing in a browser, and anything can ftp also add something for hosting.

E..'s ... Too much for someone who deals with business or earning money from a job. However you can learn in time and with ambition. OK if you're younger, you may already have a free, but there are many who are not young.
But is it worth a small business, or something personal to invest of your time to have a website to promote business. Only you can answer to you here.

You should know that no one paid to all things free. Therefore only need to look.
And that you need three things to have a site

1. Domain-that is, unique address by someone to access public information that you put in Internet Here we can say that being unique, must be registered somewhere and so there is little free offers, but the package you get a higher price else you can get free service.
Alternatively, use of sub-domains to different hostler only in exchange advertisements on your page. Little embarrassing, I tell you.
2. Making a site here is a little more delicate. If you want to make him someone to take care of the structure, editing, administration, to be a free site you must be a good friend.
3. Hosting-service necessary because information can be accessed from a server by anyone and anywhere. And here is paid if you do not want free version with ads.

More so-not enough for a simple site without too much budget.

But I started to consider whether a site can be free! Like I said for ANY work and pay is a free offer. Be included all 3 requirements, we want to show how we have and I do not know what so and so on www ..., if you find all in one place and are happy, tell us about.

We found some very good and sub-domain, and realization, and host at a price of nothing. Now, do not lose anything.
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