free hosting using Blogger
In this post I like to say something about free hosting using blogger platform. is another free hosting website that you should know something about it. Blogger is created by Google for free hosting blogs, this make from blogger one of the best free hosting website on the internet. Why? Let me be more detailed about this opinion.

First of all now you are looking at a blog a free blog, second having a free hosting blog on blogger platform you will have advantage of a high page rank (I will make another post to explain everything about page rank, how page rank is calculated and so on).

If you want a free hosting website using blogger platform, you need first of all to have a Google account ( a Gmail for example), because you will log in on your blogger account with the user and password that you use at your Google account.

A free hosting website using blogger is easy to make. Let ma tell you how. After you log in in your blogger account at using your Google account user-name and password, you will see at the right a text where you can read create a blog. (This happens after you will set your screen name as a blogger, this means your name that will appear when you comment on other blogs as a blogger).

First step for creating a free hosting blog is to press that button and start your first free hosting website. After that you will see a page where you will enter your free hosting website TITLE and then you will choose your URL. I recommend that your blog title to be the same with your URL ( is a little bit seo there but I will make another post for search engine optimization because is so much to talk about SEO).

After choosing your title and URL for your free hosting web site you will need to choose one template from a list. I recommend you to choose for your free hosting website what template you like. (I will post here also free blogger templates with 2 columns free blogger templates with 3 columns free blogger templates with columns 4 columns even free blogger templates with 5 columns ).

Blogger offer this great opportunity for your free hosting website so using a free domain name as I explain in my other post and using this great free blogger templates you will make your free hosting website to look great and to have a short domain name this is almost perfect.

A page in your free hosting website will be named POST. A post is a page in your free hosting website. After a month all posts from that month will be an archive (you can disable this function, I'm still testing this option so I can't tell you if is good or not to disable this function).

With your account you can make as many free hosting blogs as you want. One advice from me is that you shouldn't make too many blogs with few posts better is to make a few blogs with many posts (this blogger tip I found by testing it), I recommend minimum 10 posts. I see some free hosting blogs with only 5 posts having a very very good position in the results of search engines. Of course this free hosting websites were very good optimized for search engines.

Some SEO experts say something like "You have to make 10-15 posts on your free hosting website and then you should publish all of them, because in this way your free hosting blog will be strong from the start" I'm not agree with this information because I test this and I have a blog with only one post 100% original content ( avoid, and I repeat avoid duplicate content) that is NO1 in Google for 3 words "Indicatori Forex Trading" can you believe it :).

Until next post about free hosting websites, I wish you good luck and a lot of money !
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