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Flash Animations - Unfortunately, currently there is no free solution satisfactory to replace programs that can draw flash animations. This is bad news. The good news, instead, is that for a high quality site really did not need to use flash. In general, it is recommended to use Flash animation on those sites that can bet on the fact that their typical visitor rebate is enough to expect the opening pages.

However, if you propose to present your website information of general interest, a simple picture of business activity that drive, or a product catalog, using flash animation is more than contraindicated. Visitors came there to find a relevant and targeted information will quickly migrate to other sites that load quickly and give him the desired information immediately.

However, for those who really want to use animation on their site, you may use a free program like Liveswif Lite. Liveswif is one of many programs that have developed in recent years as a cheap alternative to Macromedia Flash (most notably Swish, KoolMoves and Firestarter). Version "Lite" will help you accomplish animations strong enough, including using pictures, but do not make available all trace of Action-Script. This means that if you want to order an action, however simple, you do not like. However, if you want the animation does not run indefinitely, can circumvent the inability to use the command stop () specifying the source code of the page parameter .

In addition, one other thing worth know before working with Liveswif is, of course, how to realize the actual animation. Although Liveswif Lite presents an interface similar to other programs like working with it is hindered by the lack of a tutorial as well as the animation somewhat different logic. For example, the Flash right-click on a simple time line followed by "Insert motion" animation automatically insert desired. In Liveswif this is done from the Insert menu> Transform motion.
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