How to make your own website using free software
This article aims to dismantle one of the "myths" circulating on the web design market , namely to achieve a website that you need strong programs such as Macromedia Dreamweaver (for code and assembly), Adobe Photoshop (for editing pictures) or Macromedia Flash (for animation).

Fortunately, things are not so. A website is nothing more than a certain product and, therefore, be thought in terms of investment and payback. If the company you work needs a simple site, without special effects and other things, it is pointless to spend about 1700 euros (about the cost licenses for the above programs) or you risk a fine of 2,500 euros (if install them without a license), the exact same reason you do not need a Porsche to go up across the food.

Or, the young owner of a web design companies, it is pointless to invest in such licenses until you're sure you'll have clients extent that would justify the investment. It might surprise you to find that most of your customers will really only small sites that bring you more revenue from maintenance, than in their implementation.

The programs mentioned above are necessary only professional web design companies, which must meet specific requirements currently come from a diverse clientele. Typically, when what you want to not only a personal page site or a company that is simply informative, easy to navigate and pleasant eye, you should try to do with as little expenditure possible .

One can say that the basis for successful web sites are four formats:

Html - pages as such - which deals with creating HTML Editor
Jpg,. Gif - images - dealt editor image
Swf - animation - dealt vector animation program.
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