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In this post I like to say something about one free hosting website: Now I want to present you all the benefits using this free hosting website. I use hubpages as much as I use another free hosting website blogger. Why? Because in few words "Google likes Hubpages" don't ask me why (maybe because this free hosting website is old or maybe because they have many users and many pages, I don't know). I use this free hosting website for long time and I love it!

Now let me explain step by step how to use this free hosting web site. First of all go to and in the right you will see a button Join, after that you will see a page where you need to complete the following fields: Username, Email, Password and you must agree with the term of use of this free hosting website and you have to complete captcha words.

After this steps you will press create my account. The next page is about "Help Us Learn More About You" but you can skip this step. Then this free hosting website offers a great option "Who do I know on HubPages?" here if you complete your email password you will send an instant email to all of your friends, and in this email you will let them know that you are using hubpages and they can see your profile and your pages( on this free hosting website pages are named hubs)

After that your hubpages account is created and you will see a message "Welcome (Your Name) you're our newest Hubber!" And 3 answers at 3 questions:

What is a Hub anyway?
Here this free hosting website explain what is a hub.

How do I make money? This is the part I love :) You can set up affiliate accounts with Google, Kontera, eBay, and Amazon. This simple process is lightning quick and costs you nothing. And all revenue is yours to keep no matter if is Google, Kontera, eBay or Amazon.

What are the rules?
The rules of this free hosting website is No Spam, Nothing about gambling, No adult content, Only English.

After this steps your account on this free hosting website is ready to create hubs. So create your first hub:

Choose a Title (This title will be also includes in your domain name, for SEO - will talk later about SEO too)

Give Your Hub a Unique Web Address (This field will be completed automatic after you enter your site title and it looks like this"YOUR TITLE HERE"

Choose a Topic. Which Category Describes What Your Hub Is About? (Here you will chose a topic of your free hosting hub at least one)

Choose a Starting Layout This free hosting web site have 3 general layouts.

Please Add At Least 2 Tags (here you must enter at lest 2 tags, but I recommend you 10 or more tags)

After this steps you will start building your free hosting hub, you can add to your page
add text capsule text
add photo capsule photo
add video capsule video
add link capsule links
add news capsule news
add rss capsule rss
add comment capsule comments
add poll capsule poll
add ebay capsule ebay
add amazon capsule amazon
add code capsule code
add table capsule table
add quiz capsule quiz

If you don't have time you finish your free hosting site, you have option to save it unpublished. When your site is ready you will publish it. When you are logged in your account at this free hosting website you can see a mini menu in right part of the page: Sign out, Start a new hub, My account, My profile, Help. On "My account" you can see statistics about your hubs.

A hub on this free hosting website can be indexed from one hour to 2-3 days, depending how big and original is. Another big advantage is that hubpages is verifying if your content is duplicate (I think that's why Google loves Hubpages).

After you create a hub you can monetize this free hosting website immediately with Google, Kontera, eBay, and Amazon. You can create a free account on this free hosting website vising now I will make another post here about this free hosting web site with tips.
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