Alternatives to Dreamweaver
Alternatives to Dreamweaver - Macromedia Dreamweaver is a program through which professional web designers "assemble" ( assembled) elements of a site from the text, images, animations and ending with the site's pages. Type is a WYSIWYG HTML editor (what you see is what you get "), that can build the site directly on the preview interface without having to write HTML code. Dreamweaver MX 2004 is the most popular WYSIWYG editor type of market, the most robust, easy to use and stable of all. Besides him there, however, other, less used, such as Microsoft FrontPage or Adobe GoLive. In fact, the real advantage with these programs is that they include numerous pieces of code "ready-made" and tools, with which large projects can be completed very quickly.

In addition there WYSIWYG type editors in the market and simple HTML editors, web designer builds the site based on code knowledge (X) HTML. Designer insert the code required to display the page you want, then compiles the page and displayed in a browser. Basically, using a simple HTML editor any web designer can get the exact same results you would get with the help of Dreamweaver. The only difference is the productivity improvements made by Dreamweaver.

Up-HTML editors on the market is impressive and includes both editors that cost money (but not more than 40-50 euros), as well as the free edition. We are interested, of course, the last (most free). We present three of them have seemed to us that stand out particularly special facilities offered by the web designer.

Ace HTML 5.0.8 Freeware - Interface is pleasant and easy to understand, the main window broke into a zone editing (right) and an organizational area (left) where you can automatically enter various instructions html, you can edit files etc.. The program has tools for just about everything there must be a website - the tool that will help you insert images, image maps, frames, to one that will help to format tables. Have a library of HTML instructions, which will help you properly formatted instruction that you are unsure. Basically, do not need to know to write html code - just not wrong when you insert the page elements you want (so it's good to do first years with a single page). Unfortunately, it will be a little more difficult to insert flash animations (but not impossible). Contains a JavaScript library of over 170 sites (some are very useful).

1st Page - and this is a very powerful HTML editor, preferred by many professionals who create web pages. What gives is just amazing and exceeds in many web design programs licensed. As in AceHTML, tools for everything you have entered into a web page, including a library of HTML instructions, you can create templates (patterns) of the Code, which was to edit and in other projects, you can will organize the project sites, which is especially useful when you have worked on several sites at once. The program has a tool inserted image roll-over.

Cham HTML - an HTML editor is a little more special. After installation has no special instrument, the exchange has built in code and every requirements a web designer - including code. Php or SSI (server side includes). Program but can be improved by installing additional plug-ins can be downloaded (also free) on the site In general, someone who knows html syntax working with HTML Kit and it will seem very easy. It is still advisable to try it if you are willing to "invest" a little knowledge and the HTML syntax.
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